It’s been difficult to protect it so far, now, we can open it even remotely!
So far, it has been difficult to protect the door of rack cabinets, electric boxes or industrial devices. Only the simple mechanical locks were available which meant high security risk since it was effortless to copy a key.

What is the TANlock?

It is a simple and strong systemthat allows protecting:

  • rack cabinets,
  • electrical enclosures
  • or industrial equipments.

It is an electrical lock that allows authenticating the users and openig the lock if the permission is provided.

The wide range of the TANlock products allows using the products from the basic version until the highest level of security and authentication level according to the demands, expectations and regulations.

TANlock basic model

It can be connected easily to

  • the output of the access control systems,
  • a control panel,
  • the GSM modules,
  • the WiFi/BT Controller.

In this case, the TANlock is reponsible for opening the lock. It receives the opening signal from the system it is connected to.

TANlock middle level

On the next level, the TANlock has the ability to store the permissions related to the users. After successul authentication, it opens the lock.This level makes possible the use of multiple authentication interfacesfor the complete integration. We can choose interfaces such as the RFID reader, or even the new fingerprint reader.

TANlock TOP modell

The products on the highest level are capable of direct connection to the user database of the access control system. Therefore, after reading the user ID by the devices’s authentication inteface, it queries the permissions of the user. Howbeit, the TANlock communicates directly with the user database via network.

How the TANlock works?

The TANlock is an electric lock equipped with a geared-motor that after successful authentication release the latch of the lock that allows the swinghandle to be opened up.

By turning the swinghandle, we can open the door.

To close the door, after closing the door, the swinghandle has to be rotated back to its original position as well as being pushed back to its locked state.

The internal interfaces of the TANlock allows connecting to opening sensors, to the network or to the Wiegand communciation.

What are the possible authentication methods?


The Remote version does not have authentication method. It an be opened by using voltage signal such as 5V, 12V or 24V.

RFID reader

Thanks to the Legix RFID reader, the cards that work on 13,56 Mhz can be read with the built in Legix reader (HID, Mifare, Desfire).

PIN Interface

Due to the PIN interface, we can give the user ID and the password by using the push buttons. The user data can be confimred by pushing the OK button.

TANlock electric lock identification modes interfaces.
In the near future, new interfaces arrive incuding the fingerprint reader, handveinscenner and touchdisplay.
Depending on the operation mode of the TANlock, it either queries the data for authentication from its built-in memory, or from the central user database via direct network connection.

What are the major types of the TANlock product family?

The two major types are the TANlock Zero and the TANlock 3.

TANlock Zero

The TANlock Zero is designed as a standalone device. Thus, it has the ability to authenticate and authorize the user by querying data from its built-in memory and open the lock. Moreover, it can operate as the endpoint of an access control system by receiving the signal from the control panel.

The TANlock Zero can be combined with any kind of control system. Howbeit, an external system is in charge of the authorization of the user and the TANlock only opens the door.

Beside of the control signal, external power supply has to be ensured to the device.
Two opening sensors can be connected to the TANlock. Therefore, the state of the doors can be quieried remotely. The state of the swinghandle can be monitored as well. Here, it is possible to make a distinction among different states such as opened, closed, closed but the swinghandle is not rotated or opened and the swinghandle is rotated. Thanks to the opening sensor, we can receive information in case the swinghandle was rotated and pushed back to its original posititon without closing the door.

TANlock 3

The TANlock 3 is designed for network communication. Therefore, it is equipped with a LAN connector and it is powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The TANlock 3 allows accessing and programming of all locks remotely. It can be easily integrated into existing access control systems. For the effortless integration, it supports a large number of standards: HTTPS, Syslog, MS Active Directory, LDAP, RESTful API, Web API. The TANlock 3 supports the two-factor authentication which can be done by using the RFID and PIN interfaces. However, soon the RFID and fingerprint reader version will be available as well.

Where do we recommend the TANlock to?

The TANlock was originally designed for protecting rack cabinets .

That is why that Vertiv and Rittal versions are available which facilitates the simple and fast installations for these types if racks.

Considering the fact that the locks has standard type, mounting to electric boxes or industrial boxes is possible.

It is important that the locks have an eventlog.Howbeit, we can query how and when opened the door.

It can happen for instance that the door of the server room is monitored by an access control system. Nevertheless, besides the IT staff the cleaners have access to the room as well. That means that the traditional lock does not ensure propery security. What’s more, the security risks are high at the industrial electrical enclosures as well in which there are high value devices like routers, swithces and different electronical devices provide the problem free operation of the fiber internet, transportation control and other systems.

The another important parameter that the TANlock can be accessed and opened remotely.Hence, it is possible to solve that one individual give permission to open the locks. Therefore,when fire emergeny occurs, the fire fighters do not have to struggle with opening the doors of electrical enclosures.


The TANlock product family provides the opening of the doors of rack cabinets, electrical enclosures and industrial enclosures.

The multiple user identification systems ensure proper solutions to every security demands regardless it operates locally or via the network.

It provides not only the installation, but it promotes the installation process and the operation with countless numbers of features. In addition, the TANlock can be managed and opened remotely.